Homecoming Mum Trends 2014

The Evolution of the Homecoming Mum Design

Since the start of this Texas based tradition the goal has always been to personalize your

homecoming mum to your very own unique design. Everyone from cheerleaders 

to  the FFA wants to see their unique hobbies and individuality in their Homecoming mum 

design. For the past 11 years we have watched the tradition become anything but

traditionalthe trends have encompassed just about every color under the moon to

superheros and cartoon characters.

These new trends have brought a whole new understanding to designing a homecoming 
mum. Now we are no longer focused on school spirit alone, homecoming mums have to

have a little style and class too. Times have definitely changed. We shop everywhere from

Christmas decorations, to costume trim for our Homecoming mums. The more rare and 

unique the better. Don't misunderstand we also love the traditional too. 

We spend most of our time in Hobby Lobby or Michael's in the jewelry, sewing and 

scrap-booking sections. Trust me the sewing section is a hidden gem. We find tons of cool 

and interesting things there we use in our homecoming mum designs. . We hardly ever go to 

the Homecoming section. Take a look below at a few of the items from all over the store

Add glitter or paper for a unique blinged out princess crown, found in the hobby section of 
about any craft store or tons of stores online. The floral department as you would expect has 

tons of glittered trinkets that would make any mum shine. 

This season we have challenged ourselves to explore our creativity and look to some popular 
fashion trends to inspire our designs this year. You will see everything from Chevron 

to  sequins to Neon to colors in Homecoming Mums this season. 

Now we have come to our favorite additive. The almighty BLING!

It has been said that everything in Texas is bigger and Homecoming Mums and BLING are

no different. We have ventured out this year to find a wide array of pieces that will 

compliment any homecoming mum you could dream of. We added a few previews below. :)


Basically what we are trying to say is anything and everything can be added to your 

Homecoming Mum. Look in placed you never imagined, craft stores, jewelry stores, even 

Home Depot. A cool and interesting trinket could be anywhere. 

Till next time friends,

Kisha Crooks

Owner\Sr. Designer

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