So my kid needs a Homecoming Mum, Now what?

The Phone Call!

So, its two days before the Homecoming game. You have been asking your kid, "Hey are you going to Homecoming, Will you need a Homecoming Mum? No mom, I am not going, don't worry about it." Or my most favorite which is "My kid told me today he needs a Homecoming Mum for tomorrow, and by the way, "What the heck is that?" These are all tales we hear often in the Homecoming Mum Business. We often speak to frantic parents that are working with last minute teenagers or parents who have just never heard of a Homecoming Mum. So I will elaborate.

The History!

Homecoming as a whole is not a native Texan idea, obviously but the idea of the Homecoming Mum is every bit a time honored Texas tradition.

The first homecoming event dates back to the year 1911. For most of us in the South, and for all Texans, our introduction to the chrysanthemum was a live corsage for the girlfriends and mothers at Homecoming football games. When the past Alumnus returns home from a home game, Homecoming Mums were given as spirit items and encouragement to welcome alumni back home to their Alma Mater.

They were very basic with a few ribbons in the school colors hanging from the flower and possibly a name or mascot. Today, the silk flower has replaced the chrysanthemum as the centerpiece for homecoming mums. Now you can find them decorated with dozens of charms, feathers, lights, and even sometimes bigger than the child who needs to wear it. I guess that's where the "Everything is bigger in Texas" saying comes in. Take a look at some of the mums from the early 60's and 70's. The difference is astonishing. 

Mums of Yesterday!

The Modern Homecoming Mum!

In the past 20 years the Homecoming Mum has changed dramatically. They have gone from small single flower adornments to huge expressions of grandeur. Our most popular seller is a mum that for most of our customers engulfs there entire body. That's a grand jump from single flowers with pipe cleaners. Our biggest sellers are huge triples mums and a newer type that has become a huge winner the Diamond Quad! Most popular with seniors going for that last hurrah before they graduate. 

Design styles that have grown over the past years. No longer, are the young ladies looking for tradition, they are looking for everything BUT tradition. Almost a decade ago, when I started offering Homecoming Mums, we tried to add a little flair to our orders by offering methods for girls to stand out. It started with a little pink here and there. An occasional off the wall mascot like Hello Kitty. Today our customers are looking for Zebra and Leopard. Some of our customers even ask us to stray away from school colors all together. We have been asked to create custom designs and we are always asked to "Make it different from anyone else". This is our specialty. 

Mums of Today!


Now, when it comes to ordering I try to suggest looking at it by class i.e Freshman, Junior or how involved a student may be in Extracurricular activities .  Then consider adding themes for the students activities, we have something for about every possible activity. For ordering examples, see the reference list I have created below. 

Freshman - Single Basic or Single Deluxe - Great Starter Mums and it won't break the budget.

Sophomore - Single Works or Double Deluxe - Awesome choice for an upperclassmen or cheerleader\band member. This option doesn't break the budget but it is a great choice with a lot of bells and whistles.

Junior - Double Works or Triple Deluxe - Great for Drill Team Members or Student Council.

Senior - Single "Mega" Mum, Triple Works, or The ever popular dream mum the "Diamond Quad". These are options usually chosen by young ladies who want the biggest and the most unique for the last High School Homecoming. 

Of course these are all just suggestions, we have had Freshman order Quads and Seniors order Single Basics. It's all in the kids wants, needs and of-course their budget. At DK Florals we have something for everyone. If you have questions about ordering a Homecoming Mum or how to make one, email us at or comment on the blogs.

DK Florals Inc.

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